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Course Packets

Professor / TA:

We make it affordable for students, Rainier copy and print is a student friendly print shop located in the Heart of University District near University Bookstore. We produced high quality and low priced packets for students.


Creating a course packet:

Student course packet is a set materials which a professor/instructor compiles to provide or supplement reading materials for the course he/she teaches


A course packet typically includes the syllabus, relevant reading materials, laboratory assignments and homework assignments.


Rainier Copy and Print can accept original files (hard copies) or electronics files for producing your course packets. If you want to copy your syllabus from different books then just call (206.280.4666) or email us ( for the pickup or drop your books with the instructions at out convenient location, We will copy the articles for you and will compile the course packet as per your instruction and will deliver a free desk copy at your desk.


The quality of your course packet is our guarantee. Every Instructor course packet is given a special attention with all details; if you have your articles with excess black toner and lines then leave it to us we will digitally clean your packet.


Benefits and features:

  • Free pick and delivery
  • High Quality (We guarantee the quality of Course Packet)
  • Low Price (We price the course packet considering students in our mind, most of our course packet are priced less than 10 dollars)
  • Fast service (We can produce your packet with just one hour notice)
  • Convenient location
  • Recycle paper option available (Go Green)


You can send your digital files and request form to

Required Form: Course Pack Request Form ( click here to download the form)



Students / Students / Students;

If you want to print your online course packet for a very affordable price then you are at the right place. Just email us your files and then pickup your packet from our store, we will Print, Bind and make it ready.


Pricing Details:

Copies for only 3 cents / side + Spiral Binding $ 1.99 any size.


100 original will cost only 3 dollars


200 originals = 4 dollars


300 originals = 9 dollars


*Just mention these prices at our store.